The proper selection of a foam control additive is dependent on many factors from the foaming media to food contact approvals. For additional information on Harcros Organics foam control additives please see your local Harcros representative or contact Harcros Organics.

Harcros Organics produces a full line of silicone-based antifoams for both food and industrial applications. Harcros “AF” silicone antifoam compounds and emulsions are high quality antifoams that are proven to provide the consistent foam control performance in a variety of environments and foam make up. A direct food additive or process aid, Harcros Organics produces consistent performing antifoams. Food Grade and Kosher certifications are available in addition to Kosher for Passover in special order requirements. Harcros “AF” antifoams are proven effective in many industrial applications where there are changing conditions and multiple foam sources.

For applications where a non-silicone foam control additive is needed Harcros Organics produces our “HL” and “GN” series of antifoams. From coatings for food packaging to industrial water treatment, Harcros produces high actives foam control additives based on hydrocarbon, polypropylene glycol and low foam surfactant technology. All of Harcros non-silicone foam control additives have indirect food contact approvals. Additives for water based latex paints or for UV/EB cure Harcros can recommend a foam control additive specifically for your application.

Harcros “M” series antifoams are based on food grade ingredients and perform well in many food and industrial applications. The new antifoams have faster more effective knock down for existing foam and are superior formulation aids when foam prevention is essential. The antifoams contain a higher viscosity silicone fluid and high performance additives to extend their performance long after traditional silicone antifoams have lost their effectiveness.