From water treatment and mining to oil and gas production, Harcros Chemicals provides technical assistance in choosing the most effective demulsification product for your application. Through our industry specialists and R&D laboratories, we are able to develop innovative solutions for our customers needs.

Household, Industrial & Institutional

Harcros Chemicals is dedicated to enhancing innovation in the Household, Industrial & Institutional (HI&I) industry. Our team provides the technical expertise needed to formulate the right solution for each of our HI&I customers. We are committed to staying on the forefront of industry trends in order to provide the right chemical needs and/or solutions for our customers’ problems.

Oil & Gas

A respected supplier of specialty and commodity chemicals to the oil and gas industries for over 40 years, Harcros Chemicals has a long history of understanding each customer’s needs and making recommendations of appropriate chemical solutions to meet those needs. Harcros supplies a wide range of oil and gas field chemicals that are used in drilling, completion, cementing, stimulation and production operations.

Personal Care

Harcros Chemicals, Inc. is a manufacturer and distributor of personal care raw materials.  Our diverse product lines consist of natural and green materials as well as other solution-oriented chemistries.  Our commitment to our customers with quality products and a technical team to support formulators differentiates us from other distributors in the personal care market.

Water Treatment

Water is a precious resource and valuable commodity. Harcros is positioned to provide our customers with products and services to allow for the greatest care and treatment of this resource. Your goal of providing your neighbors with the cleanest, safest drinking water possible is our goal as well. 


Harcros Organics is a flexible supplier of specialty surfactants to the agricultural industry. Through technology, we tailor solutions to unique problems. We are especially interested in those opportunities where the customer is engaged with us in the product development process.

Paint & Coatings

Harcros Organics has supplied the Paint and Coatings market segment with manufactured products for several decades. Our emphasis on quality and innovation has positioned us as a market leader, and our commitment to custom development has made us the ideal choice as surfactant manufacturing partner.

Energy Recovery

Harcros Organics continues to evolve into a flexible specialty chemical manufacturer of surfactants, with a concentration on products for gas and oil production. Harcros Organics expertise in alkoxylation and our ability to manufacture high solids, liquid ether sulfates from a variety of in house produced ethoxylates provides the maximum in product range and performance for individual well production.