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Announcement 1/12/2016

I am pleased to announce that Harcros (India) LLC., a wholly owned subsidiary of Harcros Chemicals, Inc. has today acquired a majority share in Venus Ethoxyethers, Grand Organics and Esteem Industries (The Venus Group). The Venus Group was established in Goa, India in 1987 and now operates 3 plants in Goa and one near Mumbai. Venus produces a wide range of alkoxylated products serving a diverse customer base, both domestically and internationally. This partnership will give each company a larger product portfolio, as well as increased market coverage. Further benefits are expected to be realized in other areas such as manufacturing optimization, technology, engineering and especially in research and development. Venus operates an extensive R & D and Pilot Plant facility in Goa.
Mr. Zubin Gandhi will continue to lead the company and both he and Dr. Amol Walke will continue on the board of directors.

Kevin Mirner

September 2014

Harcros Chemicals Resolves Government Investigation Into Materials Handling Company accused of storing older chemicals for longer than allowed.

KANSAS CITY, Kan., September 25, 2014.Harcros Chemicals Inc. (Harcros) has entered into a formal agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Kansas City, Kansas, for a felony violation of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA). The charge involved the storage of seven older chemicals at the company's Kansas City, Kansas plant. Six of the chemicals were stored for use in laboratories for testing and one was an unused chemical product, which had been stored safely for many years.

Harcros operates a research and development laboratory where chemists perform testing for new products and quality control checks. The chemicals at issue were retained in cabinets and storage areas for potential future use. Shortly after a 2008 regulatory inspection, the chemicals were properly disposed off-site. None of the chemicals at issue were released into the environment, nor were any employees at risk.