Tank Telemetry | Inventory Management


Chemical Asset Resource Management System

ChARMS is a remote inventory management system with a web based interface that facilitates bulk tank inventory replenishment.  ChARMS is an invaluable tool that supports enhanced worker safety and tank over flow abatement. It improves working capital and liberates customers from plant shutdowns as a result of key raw material shortage. The system is completely turn key to our customers. Installation, operation, maintenance, monitoring and replenishment is managed entirely by Harcros. Click to watch our ChARMS Power Point.


  • Incorporates a web based interface for remote tank level monitoring
  • Programmable alerts available for specified alarm points with e-mail notification
  • Records product usage history
  • Adjustable reorder points
  • Up-to-date inventory level information (collected hourly, but greater frequency/continuous monitoring is available)


  • Unlimited tank monitoring capability
  • Reduces the potential of tank overfills and subsequent spills
  • Efficient and accurate tank level data for inventory tracking
  • Enhances employee safety by eliminating the need for an employee to “stick the tank”
  • Time efficient – it eliminates the need for plant purchasing to call to place an order
  • Installation, operation and system maintenance provided by Harcros
  • Enables smart scheduling that minimizes exposure to unplanned plant shutdowns and lost productivity due to lack of raw materials
  • Saves money by reducing emergency deliveries
  • Maximizes customer’s return on investment by reducing average inventory and increasing turnover

Additional Information

  1. This system does not replace a weigh ticket. There will always be a slight variance between weights and volumes, especially if there is an irregular tank.
  2. Due to the hazardous environments this system encounters, there will be maintenance and repair.
  3. In order to design and install the most suitable equipment for each site, the customer is required to complete a site questionnaire available by clicking on the link: Harcros Site Questionnaire
  4. After the questionnaire is completed and submitted your Harcros sales representative will present you with a customer cost commitment and disclaimer form that must be approved by both parties prior to equipment installation.