Emisshield’s Key Features:


  • Thermal Stability - up to 3,100°F (1,700°C)
  • Thermal Shock - tested from -392°F (-230°C) to 2732°F (1500°C) in 3 seconds with no failure
  • Adhesion – Bonding strength > 5,000 PSI (345 Bar)
  • Applied Thickness – Between 2.0 and 4.0 Mils (50 to 100µ), depends on environment type 
  • Hemispherical Emissivity – Between 0.85 and 0.95

Emisshield can be applied in the field on existing refractories and metals during scheduled operational shutdowns with proper surface preparation and inspection. When Emisshield® is applied to the hot face of an industrial units lining, radiant and convective energy from the burners and hot gases are absorbed at the surface of the coating and reradiated evenly throughout the unit, creating a uniform temperature distribution.


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